Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome to Educate Lorain


My name is Brian Reinhardt.  Other than the time I spent in the Army I’ve spent most of my life here in Lorain. I've also been a parent of a child in Lorain’s schools for the last 16 years. I do not possess any special degrees in education nor have I had some sort of special training in education.  I’m just a dedicated father who cares about education, has seen firsthand the collapse of education in Lorain and how it affects all of our children. My intent here is to inform Lorain’s parents about what’s happening in our, Our, OUR schools and about trends in education.  This will all be from the perspective of a PARENT.

I have a 4th grade son at Toni Morrison Elementary here in Lorain and two college aged daughters that are doing their things at Oberlin College and University of Akron.  My wonderful wife Susan is an RN at Mercy with two degrees.(she’s actually the smart one in the family).  I am also the VP of the Toni Morrison PTO and volunteer in my son’s school every day.  I am however not biased in any way in favor of Lorain City Schools, in fact in the past I have been very critical of what’s happened here. I’m working on getting past that.

I have no political aspirations and no desire to be on the board of education.  I do not “love or hate” teachers, principals or schools although I really like the school my son is attending right now.  I do not love or hate unions other than when they, or anybody for that matter, block the education of our children through silly rules. Whether or not you're Democrat, Republican, Chinese, American, African American or Martian, doesn't matter.  What matters is educating our children.

I would request from those of you who care to read this blog that you comment openly and from the heart.  That’s what you'll get from me.  Normally I hold no punches, research before I write and have a knack for finding any piece of information I seek no matter how small.  I will not attack you in your responses or opinion and from time to time there are going to be spirited discussions here and even heated arguments. We should however try to treat each other with some semblance of respect and courtesy.

We have a daunting task here in Lorain.  It will take the entire “team” to turn this thing we call education in Lorain around.  I hope to make everyone who reads this blog be part of that team.

Welcome to my Educate Lorain blog and hopefully we'll all learn something.


  1. Mr. Reinhardt, I am so glad that you have decided to take up blogging! Your comments on the MJ & CT are always articulate and honest. I look forward to enjoying your contribution to the Lorain blogger community. A blog like yours is much needed and long overdue.

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I always research topics before I comment on them and I always speak from the heart.

    I hope that this blog will have some affect on education here in Lorain. My initial intent was to find a way for more parents to get involved in the whole process even though they didn't have the time to attend board of education meetings or other events. I will make every effort to keep readers informed in a more detailed manner than the regular newspaper does.

    I also would like to keep people informed on national education trends and policies. We have some major changes coming with the new Common Core standards and being guided by the Academic Distress Commission.

    We have a lot to do and a lot to change here in Lorain and it's truly going to take all of us to make it a positive one.