Sunday, July 21, 2013

A "Glee"ming Opportunity

My son Lukas became a "Gleek" over the summer. I was tormented through Netflix of episode after episode and drama after drama.  Eventually, even though I was not "hooked", I was at least capable of enjoying an episode now and then. They did touch on some serious subjects from time to time plus both of my daughters were in Drama Club at Admiral King so at least I could "relate".

The recent death through the abuse of drugs and alcohol of Cory Montieth, who played character Finn Hudson was both tragic and senseless at the same time. One of the creators of the show, Ryan Murphy had this to say last week:

"One of the most gratifying things about Glee is that when the show is at its best, it has helped young people and given them information about the human condition that moves and informs them. What we've been talking about in the writer's room is that maybe the way we deal with this tragedy might save the life of someone."

That second sentence is probably one of the most sensible statements ever made by a Hollywood elite.

Through Cory’s death, Glee and their writers have been handed the opportunity to save countless lives through the way they portray Finn's drug use and death. As parents we should use his death as a teaching moment for our children; even for our younger children, like my 10yr old Lukas. The abuse of drugs and alcohol kills thousands upon thousands of young people in this country every year and ruins the lives of tens of thousands more.

We have an opportunity to plant a seed in the hearts and minds of our children and teenagers right now using this tragedy, let's hope we get it right...

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